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I’ve travelled through over 30 countries and lived in five. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that the beauty of travel isn’t about sandy beaches or cheap drinks (though both are nice). The beauty of travel is about the people you meet, and the moments that change you forever. These are real travel stories. This is The New Travel.

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What does it mean to tell real travel stories?

It means

Going Deeper

50 things to do in Vancouver
50 Things to Do in Vancouver

120k+ views

I spent weeks runing all over town to get the footage for this one. Consider this a love poem to one of my favourite cities.

It means

Speaking with Locals

Friendly Costa Ricans
Friendly Costa Ricans Give Advice To Travellers

20k+ views

Whenever possible, I like to include conversations with locals in my work. The result can be unexpectedly beautiful.

It means

Inspiring Others

We’re Told Not to Travel
We’re Told Not to Travel

13.5k+ views

A story to inspire all those who want to travel, but feel like something is holding them back.


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